The Top 8 of January

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1. The Top 5 Deadlift Mistakes to Avoid

Amir Fazeli is a rising force in powerlifting, closing in on a 700 pound deadlift at 180 pounds.  In this article he analyzed some of the major training mistakes he had been making that caused his deadlift to stall – and the adjustments he made moving forward.

2. 5 Mobility Rules of Thumb, Part 1

Dr. Quinn is back with more advice for moving well and staying injury free.  Some of these tips are gentle reminders of things you should know already, but that may have slipped your mind.  Others will be eye-opening for a lot of readers.

3. Overtraining or Undertraining?  Plan from a New Perspective

In this article, Mike Nackoul explains why undertraining for one lifter may be going overboard for another – and how the target of optimal training volume changes over your training career.

4. Complete Guide to Putting PRs on the Platform

No one in powerlifting today (perhaps ever) has been as good at blowing their gym PRs out of the water on meet day as Chad Wesley Smith.  If you’re tired of overperforming in the gym and underperforming when it counts, you need to read this.

5. The Sports Science of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Drs. Mike Israetel and Jen Case, and Travis Conley break down what it takes to dominate at BJJ.  This is what it takes to roll with the best of them.

6. Do You Have the Courage to be Great?

So many people fall short of greatness because they can’t admit to themselves that greatness is their aim, for the fear of failure.  Do you have what it takes?

7. Wisdom for the Young Gorilla – The Bench Press

No one has equaled Blaine Sumner’s success in the bench press across such a wide variety of circumstances.  Here’s what he wish he knew when he laid down on a bench for the first time.

8. Three Tips for Successful Dieting

Most diets fail because they were doomed to fail from the start.  With the tips in this article, you’ll be able to start a diet with what it takes to be successful.

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