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Powerlifting A.I.

We have been tirelessly working on what is undoubtedly the best and most advanced Powerlifting coaching program in existence. The Juggernaut Artificial Intelligence Coaching program, powered by SkyNet (patent pending), will take Chad Wesley Smith’s coaching logic and design a program totally individualized for you. Looking of the perfect off-season program? Check out our new … Continued

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The Powerlifting Program Design Manual

The Powerlifting Program Design Manual

Do you want to understand how to design more effective powerlifting programs? The Powerlifting Program Design Manual by Chad Wesley Smith has been created to help you better understand how to: -Assess an athlete’s qualifications and needs -Determine Minimum Effective and Maximum Recoverable Volume -Find an athlete’s Optimal Frequency -Distribute volume over the course of … Continued

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World class powerlifters and strength coaches, Chad Wesley Smith and Max Aita, are joined by a rotating cast of guests to discuss traning, nutrition, mobility and more.