The Top 7 Articles of July

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Another month has come and gone, along with another month’s worth of articles to help take your strength to the next level.  Here are the top 7 from July:

1.  5 Tips to Take Your Deadlift to the Next Level – Dean Somerset snags the top spot this month with a discussion of 5 easy but relatively unknown tips for improving your deadlift.

2.  The Laws of Optimizing Body Composition – No-nonsense advice from Dr. Israetel about how to eat to carry the most muscle and the least fat possible.

3.  Building a Bigger Bench with the Cube Predator – Brandon Lilly lays out the bench press cycle used to take his bench, and the bench of many of this clients, to the next level.

4.  10 Steps to Great Deadlifting Technique – You’re not going to be able to pull much if you’re in a bad position.  Chad teaches you how to correct your form for a huge deadlift.

5.  7 Frequently Asked Questions, Answered by Chad Wesley Smith – The title says it all.  From belt usage to training frequency to deadlift stance, he’s got you covered.

6.  Top 3 Ways You’re Ruining Your Warm-up – Ryan Brown thinks people are making their warm-ups too drawn out or ineffective.  He tells you how to fix that here.

7.  Fueling the Cube Predator – It doesn’t matter how you train bench if you’re not eating enough, but there’s not point in letting your body composition go down the drain either.  Brandon helps you find a productive middle ground here.

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