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We are excited to announce that 2012 has been Juggernaut’s first year with a full class of combine athletes. There will be nine Juggernaut athletes showcasing their talents at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis from February 24-28th. They have been working hard since early January here and are ready to show out and earn themselves some money in Indy. A typical training day for them consists of the following…

8:00am-Treatment from Paradigm Performance Chiropractic. These pre-training sessions consist mostly of assisted active mobility work and PNF stretching techniques.

8:30am-Field based Speed/Power Work and/or Positional Training or Tempo Runs. This portion of the day is dedicated to learning the techniques to succeed in the 40yd dash, 20yd shuttle, 3 cone drill and 60yd shuttle (for skill players). All of this work is done with full recoveries between repetitions and great attention to the execution of every movement.

Juggernaut athletes Devon Wyley and Sean Richardson looking swole in their Juggernaut Jacked Tank Tops

Some days their speed/power training is also combined with positional training, done with one of several coaches with NFL/College coaching experience. This is to prepare the athletes for the positional drills they will perform at the combine and their subsequent Pro Days and private team workouts.

Depending on the day of the week, a tempo run session may take the place of power/speed work. This is done to build the athlete’s aerobic capacity, help facilitate recovery and reinforce proper running technique in a submaximal environment.

11:00am-Weightroom Session. Depending on the day these time is either dedicated towards the lower body and jumping drills to enhance the athlete’s performance in the broad jump and vertical jump; or an upper body session to improves the athlete’s maximal strength and/or lactic capacity to aid in the 225 rep test. These sessions are fairly short in nature, as the sprinting and jumping being  performed is providing the athlete’s with a great stimulus to increase maximal strength. All of these weightroom sessions also include various mobility drills to enhance flexibility and prehabilitation exercises to promote durability in the shoulders, neck, knees, ankles and hips.

12:30pm-Treatment from Paradigm Performance Chiropractic. These post-training session consists mostly of myofascial release techniques to flush the muscles of toxins and promote blood flow in order to speed recovery.  After some sessions the athlete’s will also utilize our ice baths for 8-12 minutes at 48-55 degrees. We also encourage them to perform contrast showers when they are back in their rooms. A contrast shower is a quick and simple way to help promote recovery, or prepare your body for the day’s training.

Pre-workout contrast shower protocol

Shea McClellin, Miles Burris and Devon Wyley know that ice baths are a great way to help your legs recover between intense training sessions.

3 Minutes: As Cold as You Can Tolerate

1 Minute: As Hot as You Can Tolerate

Repeat this protocol 3 times, for a total shower of 12 minutes. Make sure to finish with 1 minute of heat.

A recovery protocol is just the reverse of the pretraining protocol…

3 Minutes: As Hot as You Can Tolerate

1 Minutes: As Cold as You Can Tolerate

Repeat this cycle 3 times, for a total of 12 minutes. Make sure to finish with 1 minute of cold.

Obviously I can’t go into too great of detail about the actual drills, exercises and techniques being used by our Combine training group, but as you can see their training is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of physical preparation and recovery.

Proper nutrition and supplementation are critical to building the lean powerful physique needed for maximum power output in jumps and sprints.

Nutrition is Key

Nutrition is also a key component of these athlete’s preparation. Each athlete has their meals delivered to them everyday, following a plan outlined by Nate Winkler. You can have Nate design a custom nutrition plan for you too, by clicking here. All of these athletes are different and have different body types and physique goals, so each of their plans are customized for them. All of these athletes are also utilizing the Juggernaut Supplement Series. The Juggernaut Muscle Growth Formula, Juggernaut Fat Loss Formula and Juggernaut Anytime Shake are helping provide these athletes with the proper macronutrient balance to fuel muscle building, fat loss and recovery.

Check out these highlights of the 2012 Juggernaut Combine class preparing for their big days…

San Diego St. QB Ryan Lindley performing Drop MB Pullover Throws which are a great way to build elastic/reactive power in overhead throwing athletes.

San Diego St. LB Miles Burris reverse blue band pressing 500×3. Miles has a great opportunity to break the Linebacker combine record of 35 reps at 225.

 Fresno St. WR Devon Wylie ripping off an electronically timed 1.51sec 10yd dash. Devon will be among the fastest athletes at this year’s combine and will be among 1 of 4 Juggernaut athletes who will challenge the sub 4.4 second barrier.

Vanderbilt, S Sean Richardson touching 11’ (he later went on to touch 11’2”) from a 24” depth drop. This 6’3” 220lb BEAST will be among the most athletic safeties at this year’s combine and 1 of 4 Juggernaut athletes with a chance to go over 40” in the vertical.


Miles Burris, U of Washington DT Alameda Ta’amu and Boise St. LB/DE Shea McClellin performing defensive line positional training.

 Make sure to check out NFL Network and for Combine coverage and like Juggernaut’s Facebook to keep up with all of these guy’s performances and training.


Keshawn Martin



Alameda Ta'amu


Shea McClellin
Sean Richardson
Trenton Robinson
Ryan Lindley
Devon Wylie
Amini Silatolu
Miles Burris

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