Juggernaut NFL Combine Recap

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Juggernaut sent 9 athletes to Indianapolis this past weekend to showcase their talents at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine. Here is an overview of their results…

Devon Wylie, WR, Fresno St. (pictured above)

5’9” 187 pounds

4.39 second 40yd Dash-2nd fastest among all WRs, 3rd fastest at entire combine

17 reps of 225

39” vertical-5th among all WRs

10’3” broad jump

Amini Silatolu showcased his great explosiveness with top marks in the vertical jump (31.5"-5th among OL) and broad jump (8'11"-3rd among OL), as well as being a top performer during position drills.

Amini Silatolu, OL, Midwestern St. (D2)

6’4” 311 pounds

5.43 second 40yd Dash

28 reps of 225

31.5” vertical-5th among all Offensive Linemen

8-11” broad jump-3rd among all Offensive Linemen

7.95 second 3 cone drill

4.87 second 20yd shuttle


Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego St.

6’4” 229 pounds

4.90 second 40yd dash

29.5” vertical

9’0” broad jump

7.52 second 3 cone drill

4.45 second 20yd shuttle

Keshawn Martin raised his draft stock with a blazing 4.45 40yd dash and excellent 39.5" vertical, which ranked 4th among all WRs. He also showed off his quickness with a 4.13 20yd shuttle (2nd among WRs) and good hands in positional drills.

Keshawn Martin, WR, Michigan St.

6’0” 188 pounds

4.45 second 40yd Dash

13 reps of 225

39.5” vertical-4th among all WRs

10’2” broad jump

6.85 second 3 cone drill-7th among all WRs

4.13 second 20yd shuttle-2nd among all WRs

11.16 second 60yd shuttle


Alameda Ta’amu, DT, University of Washington

6’3” 348 pounds

5.37 second 40yd dash

35 reps of 225-3rd among all Defensive Linemen

26” vertical

8’7” broad jump

Shea McClellin was 2nd among all defensive linemen with a 4.63 second 40yd dash. Shea also showed great quickness with a 7.07 second 3-cone drill. Both ESPN and NFL Network regarded Shea as one of the Combine's top performers.

Shea McClellin, DE/OLB, Boise St.

6’3” 260 pounds

4.63 second 40yd dash-2nd fastest among all Defensive Linemen

19 reps of 225

31.5” vertical

9’10” broad jump

7.07 second 3 cone drill-5th among all Defensive Linemen

4.33 second 20yd shuttle


Sean Richardson, SS, Vanderbilt

6’2” 216 pounds

4.52 second 40yd dash-2nd among all Safeties

22 reps of 225-1st among all Safeties

38.5” vertical-1st among all Safeties

10’8” broad jump-1st among all Safeties

7.01 second 3 cone drill

4.44 second 20yd shuttle

Miles Burris showed off his power with 31 reps of 225 on the bench, ranking 3rd among all linebackers, and 37.5" vertical at 246 pounds, which was 4th among all LBs.

Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego St.

6’2” 246 pounds

31 reps of 225-3rd among all LBs

37.5” vertical-4th among all LBs

10’1” broad jump


Trent Robinson, S, Michigan St.

5’10” 195 pounds

4.52 second 40yd dash-2nd among all Safeties

15 reps of 225

35” vertical

10’5” broad jump-4th among all Safeties

4.15 second 20yd shuttle


We are very proud of all the hard work these guys put in during the past 2 months with us and know that they are all going to be a great asset to whatever team they eventually become part of.


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