The Juggernaut Football Manual

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Are you sick of programs that promise results and don’t deliver?

Are you ready to take your football training to the next level?

The Juggernaut Football Manual is your all in one guide to improve your strength, speed, power, mobility, conditioning and nutrition for football.

No other manual will provide you with this type of comprehensive education about every aspect of training football players. From the first day of the offseason to the final game of the season, every facet of the athlete’s preparation is covered.

The Juggernaut Football Manual contains a 48 week training plan, broken down my position group, giving you every set, rep, sprint and more to train your players from the first day of the off-season, to the last day of the season. This plan covers every aspect of training: speed, agility, strength, explosive power, flexibility/mobility and conditioning.

What does #4 Baylor’s strength staff have to say about the Juggernaut Football Manual?

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The Juggernaut Football Manual is 140 pages of knowledge, plus 7.5 hours of video, to help you make stronger, faster, better conditioned, more agile and healthier football players. This book covers…

Training Overview

-The goals of football training

-Overview of the energetic demands of football

-Preview of each phase of the year

-Explanation of primary training means

Restoration Phase

-What do you do right after the season?

-Improving your athletes mobility, healing their bodies from the season and preparing them for the off-season of work ahead of them

-2 week training block

General Preparation Phase

-How to increase the athlete’s work capacity

-Organization of the training plan as it progresses throughout the year and different traits become the priority

-6 week training block

Off-Season Phase

-How to develop maximum speed and strength

-How to integrate special strength drills into your athlete’s training

-13 week training block

Spring Ball Phase

-How to adjust training when practiced is introduced

-3 week training block

Summer Ball Phase

-How to specifically condition your players for maximum performance

-9 week training block

Training Camp Phase

-How to organize training camp to maximize your players performance without breaking them down

-2 week training block

In-Season Training Phase

-The 7 keys to in-season training to help your athletes stay healthy, gain strength and play great

-12 week training block

Combine Training

-Help your players become great combine performers and get noticed by colleges

-13 week combine training plan

Tons of Videos

-4.5 hour seminar presentation discussing every aspect of the training year for football

-Video exercise index explaining all of the important exercises in this training plan


I have done all the trial and error on this training program so you don’t have to!

The Juggernaut Football Manual has helped Juggernaut send 30 players to college on scholarship in the past 2 years, including athletes to USC, UCLA, U of Washington, Arizona St and many more.

Using the exact program included in this book, Juggernaut football players have AVERAGED the following improvements during each of the last off-seasons…

Bench Press +75 pounds

Squat +124 pounds

40yd Dash -.32 seconds

Vertical Jump +3.9”

Bodyweight +22.5 pounds

In 2012, Juggernaut athletes took the NFL Combine by storm recording Top 5 results for their position in the 40yd Dash, 20 yd Shuttle, 3 Cone Drill, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 60 yd Shuttle and Bench Press! These accolades allowed 7 Juggernaut athletes to be selected in the 2012 NFL Draft.

What people are saying about Juggernaut Football Training…

“Juggernaut has helped me become the strongest and fastest I have ever been in my life. I made one of the best decisions of my life choosing JTS for my combine prep”-Shea McClellin (Boise St, Defensive End), 2012 1st Round Draft pick of Chicago Bears

“Training with Juggernaut helped develop my speed and strength drastically. I couldn’t have been more prepared for college than I was with Juggernaut”- Freshman Offensive Lineman, University of Washington

“Juggernaut training was even better than I had hoped it would be. Everyday it is competitive and fun and the results were amazing. They took my 40 from 4.90 to 4.59 and that improved speed has helped me start as a true freshman.”-True Freshman Starting WR for Washington State

Juggernaut is awesome. The program put me in a great position when I arrived at USC. Nowhere will get you ready better”- First True Freshman to EVER start at Left Tackle for USC

“Juggernaut training has really helped me acclimate to the speed and strength of the college game. There is no better way to prepare for college football”-Defensive End, University of Arizona

What Else Do I Get?

The Juggernaut Football Manual is a great value at any price, but I want to give you as much quality information to help improve your training as possible. For that reason, we have brought in authorities across many fields to share their expertise to help you…

#1-Olympic Lifting Coaching Guide

Team USA weightlifter, Colin Burns, takes you step by step through how to coach your athletes in the snatch and clean to help them safely perform these lifts to enhance explosive strength in this 32 minute video.

#2-Football Warmup and Mobility Guide

Ryan Brown and Dr. Quinn Henoch of Darkside Strength show you how to design an effective pre-training and pre-practice warmup to maximize performance and keep your athletes healthy in this 35 minute video.

#3-Interviews with Top Strength Coaches

There are great strength coaches helping athletes get stronger and faster and become better players across the country. We have put together a series of video, audio and written interviews with top coaches Joe Kenn (NFL), Chris DiSanto (NFL), Michael Srock (Byrnes HS, 8x South Carolina State Champs), Jon Davis of Davis Training Systems, Ryan Englebert of Englebert Training Systems and Ryan Burgess of Fitness Quest 10. All of these great coaches have unique perspectives and valuable information to share.

#4-Fooball Performance Nutrition Guide

Josh Thigpen and Dr. Zach McVey, authors of the Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia, share with you a guide to helping your players better fuel their performance for maximizing off-season gains and in-season performance with sample meal plans and food guides.

How Much Does This Cost?

The time and money that has gone into acquiring this knowledge, doesn’t even begin to compare to the countless hours spent under the bar and training my athletes to acquire the real world, practical knowledge that goes into this book.

My programming and consultation services cost hundreds of dollars per month, attending a seminar would be hundreds of dollars including registration, travel, hotel and food but you can get an entire YEAR’s worth of programming plus so so much more for only $299.99 in The Juggernaut Football Manual. You get 48 weeks of programming, an entire seminar presentation, coaching tutorials for the squat, bench, snatch and clean, nutrition plan and more!

This rate is a limited time offer and will be dramatically increasing soon, so you need to act NOW.

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