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Jerk Tutorial with Max Aita and Anthony Pomponio


Jerk Tutorial with Max Aita and Anthony Pomponio

The jerk is the most missed lift in the sport of Weightlifting, but often gets too little attention when addressing technical development. Max Aita and 2015 85kg National Champion Anthony Pomponio take you step by step through how Juggernaut Weightlifting teaches The Jerk:

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  • Christian Bosse

    Great article, you made it into my weekly article recommendations http://christianbosse.com/article-recommendations-week-37-2016-2/
    Keep up the great work!

  • Maxwell

    A difference in my clean training worth noting is greater extension of the front foot. I was coached to split with my feet equal distance from the starting plane. My initial tendency was to do as this tutorial explained and plant my back foot twice the distance of my front. This often led to timing errors, chest/head too far forward, and an inability to square my hips and provide a stable midpoint under the bar. Moreover, with an equidistant split, I am able to get lower under the bar and thus jerk more weight. Not sure this is a matter of wrong or right, just what works.