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Juggernaut Performance Summit-New York


Juggernaut Performance Summit-New York

Juggernaut is coming to New York on February 4th, 2017.

The Performance Summit brings together experts in the 4 most critical aspects of training to help effectively educate coaches and athletes about Program Design, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery.

The next installment of The Performance Summit will be coming to the New York area on Saturday, February 4th at Active Life Athletics in Island Park, NY.


The Summit is a full day of lecture and Q&A presented by Juggernaut Training Systems, Renaissance Periodization and Clinical Athlete featuring the following presentations:

Chad Wesley Smith & Max Aita-Phasic Structure for Strength

Chad and Max will outline optimal program structure for success in Powerlifting and Weightlifting and discuss the importance distinct phases dedicated to different aspects of development, what should be done in those different phases and how long each phase should last for athletes of different experience and ability levels.

Dr. James Hoffmann-Recovery Theory and Application

Your training is only as effective as your recovery. Dr. James Hoffmann, RP Coach, co-author of Scientific Principles of Strength Training and Exercise Science Professor at Temple University, will outline the mechanisms of various recovery strategies and how they are best implemented into training.

Dr. Quinn Henoch-Human Movement: Mechanisms, Screening & Structuring A ‘Corrective’ Plan

Movement is a continuum of mobility and stability and Dr. Quinn Henoch will elucidate the key ideas in assessing your athletes movement and understanding how to help them strike the optimal balance between mobility and stability drills to aid in performance and longevity.

Dr. Mike Israetel-Nutrition for Physique and Performance

Dr. Mike Israetel has made countless contributions to the training community through his authorship of The Renaissance Diet and Scientific Principles of Strength Training, at The Performance Summit, he will discuss the nuanced aspects of nutrition as it relates to improving physique and maximizing performance.


Team Juggernaut

Juggernaut Training Systems is a group of athletes and coaches dedicated to leading from the front and providing people with the highest quality information from true experts to help them achieve their goals.

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