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Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method


Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method

Welcome to My Training… The Cube Method

A Quick Intro to the Cube
For those of you that don’t know how I model my training, this is my second week of my deadlift wave so it is a speed week. My waves are 3 weeks for squat bench and deadlift and they are modeled like this.Week 1-Max Effort
Week 2-Dynamic Effort
Week 3-Repetition Method

I call it “Cube Training” as when its mapped out it looks like a cube. I never lift heavy on two lifts in a week. If I dead heavy, my bench is dynamic, and my squat is for reps, and as the weeks rotate the effort is rotated also. In the form of a cube.
Here’s the setup:

WEEK                  1     2     3
Deads-                  1     2     3
Bench-                  2     3     1
Squats-                  3    1      2

Sundays are always a bodybuilding day. Just pick a few exercises to focus on weak points, and I always include Military Presses, and leg presses as I like keeping my quads, and shoulders strong.This method has worked extremely well for me, in preventing burnout, and building excitement for my heavy days. Any muscular deficiencies addressed on Sunday.

This type of training has given me my best two meets of my life, a 2530 geared, and 2105 Raw w/knee wraps. I very very seldom use a box to squat to, and usually only incorporate it on my rep day for high rep sets, and I no longer use bands from the floor on squats, I use straight weight until I do a couple overload sets and use Reverse Bands.

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One Response to “Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method”

May 10, 2013 at 11:55 am, John Sefcik said:

Hey Brandon I just found out about you and your training methods and have to say that I wish I would have known about this a number of years ago because I used tons of band tension combined with chains and even though it boosted my squat it destroyed my left hip and had to have total hip replacement and can no longer compete! I’m devastated. I went from a 960 Squat to 225 now! Oh well!


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