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365STRONG is about more than training, it is about taking control of your life and becoming what you truly want to become.


Are you ready to crush your PRs? How would you feel if you were stronger, more mobile, better conditioned and mentally tougher? Do you want to dominate every aspect of your life?


365STRONG: Own the Day is the follow up to the wildly popular Cube Method and includes the exact program that Brandon Lilly used to total 2237 pounds at the CAPO Powerlifting Championships, the 12th highest total of all-time! 365STRONG goes far beyond sets and reps though, it is an insight into Brandon’s philosophy to make what you want of your life.


Get 365STRONG: Own the Day NOW!!


365STRONG: Own the Day is packed with training, technique and philosophy to help you the strongest and toughest athlete possible. In this game changing ebook, you will learn…


Introduction and Philosophy

-The 365STRONG Mentality

-What is required of 365STRONG training

-What it means to “Train Like A Strongman”,  “Eat Like A Bodybuilder”, “Mobilize Like A Weightlifter”, and “Think Like A Powerlifter”.

The Evolution of the Cube

-How The Cube Method was created

-The tried and true principles of ‘old-school’ training that have helped Brandon the most

-What adjustments have been made to The Cube Method through trial and error with hundreds of athletes

The Program

-Organization of training days

-How to attack weakpoints

-The value of submaximal training


-Breakdown of Brandon’s technique in each lift

-Tips to hone your own technique

New Variations

-Cube Boss inspired by Dan Green

-Cube modifications for athletes


In the past year, Brandon Lilly has taken the powerlifting world by storm. Brandon truly embodies the 365STRONG mindset, smashing huge numbers week after week and sometimes day after day. Brandon posted 2130 and 2204 totals, separated by only 6 days. At the 2013 Arnold Classic, Brandon added to his legacy by deadlifting 755 on Friday with no belt in the Animal Cage and totaling 2612 the next day at the XPC finals. The XPC meet was also Brandon’s 1st time in any of his powerlifting gear in over 9 months, yet he still managed an 82 pound PR, because he had used the 365STRONG principles to build REAL strength.


Brandon's 365STRONG mentality will help you dominate your training and life!
Brandon’s 365STRONG mentality will help you dominate your training and life!

What Else Do I Get?

365STRONG is a great value at any price, but we think like consumers-we want a ton of value and love getting more than our money’s worth. Check out these cool bonuses to make 365STRONG even better for you…

#1-365STRONG Seminar video

Brandon’s 90 minute presentation from the Juggernaut Seminar at CrossFit Chicago, going in depth into the 365STRONG mentality and Brandon’s philosophies on training and life.

#2-Mobilize Like A Weightlifter video

Ryan Brown and Dr. Quinn Henoch of Derby City Crossfit/Darkside Strength & Conditioning bring you a 50 minute guide to improve your mobility, enhancing your performance and health.

#3-Eat Like A Bodybuilder ebook

3x World’s Strongest Man competitor Josh Thigpen and Dr. Zack McVey guide you through choosing the right macronutrient ratios to help you build a physique to match your strength.

#4-Train Like A Strongman video

Jon Andersen discusses the principles of strongman training to help you add mass, gain strength and create an unstoppable mentality.

#5-Think Like A Powerlifter ebook

Brandon Lilly breaks down the mentality needed to conquer huge weights. From training to competition, Brandon tells you how to attack everyday with the 365STRONG mentality and Own The Day!


How Much Does This Cost?!

The time and money that has gone into acquiring this knowledge, doesn’t even begin to compare to the countless hours spent under the bar and training lifter to acquire the real world, practical knowledge that goes into this book.

Brandon’s seminars often cost $250+ to attend, not including travel, lodging, food and spending time away from your family and business.

This rate is a limited time offer and will be dramatically increasing soon, so you need to act now!

I’m sold-what do I do now?

First off, don’t wait!

Get 365STRONG: Own the Day NOW!!

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