Chad Wesley Smith

Founder / coach / athlete

Chad is the owner and founder of Juggernaut Training Systems, as well as being one of the most highly regarded strength coaches and athletes of the modern era. As an athlete, Chad has posted Top 10 All-Time Total in wraps (1055kg/2325#) and sleeves (1010kg/2226#), won 2 National Championships in the Shot Put and earned his Pro Card in Strongman.

As a coach, he has helped cultivate the talents of some of the world’s strongest lifters including:

  • Marisa Inda (4x USAPL Champion, IPF World Champion, World and American Record Holder)
  • Andy Huang (Top 5 All-Time Total at 125kg/275#)
  • Brandon Allen (1102.5kg/2430# Total in Wraps, 1017.5kg/2242# Total in Sleeves at SHW)
  • Kristen Dunsmore (USAPL National Champion at 72kg)
  • Evan Mensing (1000kg/2204# Total in Wraps at 275)
  • Tee Popoola (952.5kg/2099# Total in Sleeves at 110kg/242#)
  • Kevin Torres (Top 5 Total in Wrap and Sleeves at 75kg/165#)
  • Steve Gentili (987.5kg/2177# Total in Wraps at 125kg/275#)

as well as sending over 50 athletes onto Division 1 Athletic Scholarships.

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