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The Clean is a great developer of power in the legs and back, while developing intermuscular coordination for sport. For the Weightlifter, it is important to pull, catch and stand with the bar with confidence to setup a successful subsequent jerk attempt.

A good clean begins with a good start position, Max Aita shows you how to find the right start position for you.

Pulling the bar from the floor, keeping it close and setting your self up for a great explosion phase is the focus of our next Clean Pillar with Max Aita and Alyssa Ritchey.

The explosion from the hips is critical to impart height to the bar while keeping it close to your body for a successful lift.

Turning the bar over with quick elbows and tension throughout the body is critical to a successful clean.

Catching the bar in the right place in your front rack is key to a made lift and the ability to stand the bar up confidently to prepare you for a big jerk.

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