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Pillars of Sumo Deadlift Technique


Pillars of Sumo Deadlift Technique

Done well, the Sumo Deadlift is an expression of mobility, strength and technique, an expression so effective in fact, that it’ll make people on the internet accuse you of cheating. Check out our Pillars of Sumo Deadlift series and have keyboard warriors everywhere hating on your huge pull.

The Stance

Finding your best stance is the first step to a successful sumo deadlift. Too narrow and you aren’t maximizing your leverages, too wide and you may not be able to effectively generate power. Watch this and find the stance that’s right for you:

The Set-Up

Finding your most effective position to load your hips and legs, while maintaining the best back angle throughout the start is key to a successful start in the Sumo Deadlift:

Tightness in the Start

To pull big weights, you have to get tight. Generating tension through the lats, lumbar spine and abs is critical to success in the Sumo Deadlift:

Patience off the Floor

A well executed Sumo Deadlift relies nearly as much on timing as it does on strength. Being patient off the floor to allow the body to generate tension in key to maintaining optimal positions:

The Lockout

A good lockout is the culmination of a well-done Sumo Deadlift. Proper timing and sequencing of the legs and hips will make for a smooth lockout.

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