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Powerful Powerlifting Programming


Powerful Powerlifting Programming

An effective Powerlifting program develops strength and technical prowess and allows the athlete to express these qualities during competition. The ability to create this type of program hinges upon the coach’s ability to manipulate the Scientific Principles of Strength Training while maintaining a close eye on the athlete’s progress and making artful adjustments along the way.

First, lets get introduced to the seven Scientific Principles of Strength Training which will create the framework within which all program design decisions are made.

One of the more clever concepts we apply to help our intermediate and advanced athletes, along with athletes who may have diminished recovery capacity because of age or stressors beyond training, to continue making progress is Undulating Periodization. These strategies help athletes better manage fatigue around heavy training and create more predictability in performance.

While the bigger theoretical aspects of powerlifting are important to creating effective training, strategically selecting and progressing weights is one of the most practically important parts of being successful.

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