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Training the Squat for maximum strength and performance requires great movement, technique and programming. To help you better reach your squatting goals, we have combined some of our best resources on the topic here in one place for you.

Before you squat big weights, we need to make sure your body is moving properly. Dr. Quinn Henoch has helped athletes of all sizes, sports and abilities improve their mobility and stability to squat bigger weights and do so, more safely, here are some of his most helpful videos to improve your movement for the Squat.

Now that you’re moving well, we can address your technique for the squat. We have a wealth of information on this topic, so here is our favorite playlist addressing Squat Technique:

There is often debate on the utility of the High Bar vs Low Bar Squat, here we discuss differences in their technique and how each can be best applied to your training.

We are proud to have developed some of the strongest squatters in the World, as well as being able to help lifters of all abilities improve. In this next playlist, we analyze several different lifters and improve their movement, technique and give some strategic exercise reccomendations.

One of the keys to effective and efficient squat programming is effectively assessing an athlete’s strength balance between their legs and back. In this video, Chad and Max help you understand how these muscles effect the lift and how to bring up weaknesses.

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