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What’s Your Question? #7


What’s Your Question? #7

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0:08-How should I train when coming off a layoff?

0:53-What should I do if I misjudge my RPE?

2:00-Is block periodization appropriate for Strongman training?

2:53-How should I adjust and progress my numbers from training cycle to training cycle?

3:57-How do I know if I have ‘good fatigue’ or am in need of a deload?

5:04-How long should I try out a technical change before I decide if its for me?

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One Response to “What’s Your Question? #7”

June 19, 2017 at 3:40 pm, Tom Shafirstein said:

Hi Team Juggernaut,

I am about one year into powerlifting, and have not been able to shake persistent lower back soreness related to my high bar squat.

Your videos emphasizing bar path over mid foot are helpful, and these past two weeks I’ve been practicing breaking at the knees before unlocking my hips, and tracking knees with my feet. I believe my bar path is sufficiently vertical to avoid the “good morning squat.” But still, I just can’t seem to shake getting my lower back pretty sore even from light squat sets.

I’ve heard it could be related to my lower back compensating for weak glutes, hams, or hips. I’ve been performing assistance work for these as well these past two weeks.

Your input is so very appreciated.


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