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Assessing Leg and Back Strength in the Squat


Assessing Leg and Back Strength in the Squat

The legs and back both play important rules in building your squat but many lifters are chasing their tails when trying to improve because they’re not properly addressing their relative weakness in either the legs or back. Max and Chad discuss how to effectively assess your strength balance and correct it:

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One Response to “Assessing Leg and Back Strength in the Squat”

February 07, 2017 at 11:24 pm, M.U. said:

Not sure if anyone reads these but when you say “weak back” what specific part of the back are you referring to? The two little lines above the butt when doing good mornings, lower back (deadlifts), the mid back (seated rows), lats (pull downs), upper back trap (low bar) area? I’d like to get more details because there are so many exercises to bring up each weak area. Which section of the back helps the most with the overall lift? Thank you!


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