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The JuggLife-Will Bands Make Them Dance?


The JuggLife-Will Bands Make Them Dance?

Bands for weightlifting? This is a hot topic now on social media so Chad and Max decided to weigh in with their views of using bands in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk:

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One Response to “The JuggLife-Will Bands Make Them Dance?”

August 26, 2016 at 7:49 am, Jordan said:

Regarding Travis Mash and many of his notable lifters.
Nathan Damron, Tom Summa and Jacky Bigger have all spent time in the mid-west. Tom and Jacky in the St. Louis area and Nathan has competed numerous times in the Kansas City area.
Nathan’s first coach was Boris Urman (a former assistant coach for the USSR team back in the 70’s and 80’s). Nathan has always been UNUSUALLY strong. This strength development was a result of Urman’s training, which doesn’t include bands, chains or any other type of accomodating resistance.
Tom Summa’s original coach was Benn Overkamp in the St. Louis area. From what I know about Overkamp, he doesn’t develop Tom (or any of his other lifter’s) using bands, chains, etc.
Jacky Bigger spent the last few years with former Olympian Jianping Ma at Lindenwood University. Ma is my current coach and I can say with all certainty that he does NOT recommend using accomodating resistance for the lifts.
NONE of these coaches recommend using accomodating resistance (especially for snatches, cleans or jerks) and none of them used accomodating resistance when developing the above three lifters to my knowledge.
So even if Jacky, Tom and Nathan have spent the last few months using accomodating resistance with Travis, 90%+ of their training history is free of things like “banded box squats using a cambered bar.” Meaning, a majority of their athletic qualities and technical abilities have been developed using more traditional weightlifting methods (ex. classical Soviet periodization for Nathan Damron) and not using the methods traditionally applied to multi-ply powerlifters.


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