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The Top 8 Articles of November


The Top 8 Articles of November

1.  3 All-Time Strength Badasses You Need To Know About by Chad Wesley Smith

If you’re a strength athlete, you need to respect the history of your sport.  This article talks about three of the all-time greats that many people have forgotten about with time.


2. When Carbs Fight Back by Nick Shaw

Carbs are your friend.  They’re not evil, physique-wrecking villains.  This article discusses exactly why they’re crucial for your athletic success.


3. A New Approach To Mobility by Ryan Brown

Gone are the old days of static stretching and other archaic practices.  Here are the ways coaches are getting their athletes more mobile in less time.


4. Periodization for Powerlifting:  The Definitive Guide by Greg Nuckols and Mike Israetel

Everyone and their brother is hawking their special training program.  This article discusses the threads that tie all great programs together so you’ll know what to look for, and have good footing if you want to write your own.


5. Powerlifting for Physique Sports Part 2: Volume Uber Alles by Brian Minor

Physique athletes are finding they can stay more motivated to train in the offseason with more of a strength focus.  However, focusing on heavy weights without keeping an eye toward total volume can be counterproductive – both for strength and physique related pursuits.


6. The Complete Guide to Snatch Movement Prep by Ryan Brown

You can’t snatch a lot if you can’t actually get your body to perform the movement properly.  This is the most effective way to get your body ready to snatch huge weights.


7. Wisdom for the Young Gorilla:  The Squat by Blaine Sumner

Blaine is no stranger to squatting huge weights with an 881 raw squat, and a 1000+ single ply squat.  If he could go back in time, this is what he would have told his younger self about the squat.


8. Build A Beastly Snatch:  The Best Accessory Exercises by Team Juggernaut

Team Juggernaut has some of the best weightlifters in America.  Here are some of the movements they’ve found to be most effective in pushing their snatch to elite levels.

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