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Top Juggernaut Articles of October


Top Juggernaut Articles of October

The Shoulder Health Essential

By Dr. Quinn Henoch

If you regularly put weight over your head – snatch, jerk, overhead press, compete in strongman – this is an article you need to read to keep your shoulders strong and healthy.


There is Only One Type of Periodization

By Greg Nuckols and Dr. Mike Israetel

Part 1

Part 2

Before you try to set up a training plan or go program shopping, you need to understand the nuts and bolts of what makes a program effective.


Fall In Love With Training Again

By Alex Hormozi

More goes into training that JUST the sets and reps.  Getting invested in the process, and finding ways to push yourself while loving the process cannot be overlooked.


Dialing In Your Diet For YOUR Goals

By Dr. Mike Israetel

What are the key features that separate effective diets from ones that are doomed to fail?  This will help you figure out what features are the most important for your goals.


A Different Approach to Mobility

By Dr. James Hoffman

If your warmup takes you an hour, or you think mobility means moving like a contortionist, this article is for you.  Your mobility work should be specific to the task at hand.


Common Beginner CrossFit Mistakes

By Dr. James Hoffman

If you’re brand new to the sport, you shouldn’t be training like Rich Froning.  Here are the things people mess up the most often.


Supplemental Work For The Olympic Lifts

By Donovan Ford

If you’re a weightlifter, everything should contribute to improving your snatch and clean & jerk, but the classical lifts aren’t enough on their own most of the time.


Strongman Training For The CrossFit Athlete

By Kalle Beck

Strongman events are becoming more and more common in CrossFit competitions.  This article will let you know which ones will give you the best bang-for-your-buck in training, and help you avoid some typical mistakes non-strongmen make when trying to throw strongman lifts into their training.

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