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3 Lessons from the Juggernaut Performance Seminar


3 Lessons from the Juggernaut Performance Seminar

by Kristi Meyer

Spending the day with Juggernaut crew and Iron Mafia athletes proved to be one of the most educational and motivational days yet to date. Here are three game changers I took from the clinic:

1) As Brandon Lilly said, “If the pan is hot, fucking cook!” In my past training cycles I would get so caught up in my programming; only maxing when I should be, doing exactly what the program said; percentages, reps, and sets. During the bench station Brandon encouraged me to continue loading the bar with more weight to hit a PR. My first thought was, “I can’t! I’m not supposed to re-max for three more weeks.” Well, the pan was hot.. So I cooked!! Hit a 40lb PR on my bench! The valuable lesson I learned was, to use your programming for a guideline but do not be such a slave to it that you miss out on your potential. Listen to your body!

2) The nutritional segment by Dr.Israetel was excellent. So often Powerlifters think of their nutrition as less important than say a bodybuilder or figure competitor. I have seen many times where it’s a free for all in the kitchen to gain weight in hopes of moving more weight. Dr. Mike really broke down the top five things powerlifters need to consider with their nutrition to enhance strength and overall performance. Nutrition has always been extremely important to me in my training and my everyday life, so I really appreciated his breakdown and explanation, of macronutrient manipulation, meal timing, overall calorie consumption, and quality of calories. I have a few adjustments to make to my nutrition plan and I look forward to seeing the changes it makes in performance.

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3) Keep it 100.This was an excellent reminder in a very honest way. Stay 100% committed to 100% of the sport. You get out what you put in. Your workouts require 100% dedication, your nutritional planning and prepping requires 100% commitment, your sleep and supplementation require 100% effort. If you aren’t keeping it 100- someone else is and they WILL have the success you wanted but let slip away.

**Some additional educational things I scooped up over the weekend…

-Make a PR happen every day!!! I unloaded the dishwasher in record time- PR!

-10 second rule for asking if anyone has any questions……

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