Warming Up for the Squat

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Chad Wesley Smith demonstrates a simple warmup to utilize before your squat training sessions.

An effective squat warmup entails raising the core temperature, facilitating the muscles that will be used during the movement and priming the nervous system to maximize force output. Here is a sample Squat Warmup that moves through all these goals:

90/90 Breathing

-Use Hamstrings to Raise Hips Off Ground

-Low Back Flush Against the Floor

-Breathe In Through Nose, Filling Low Back > Stomach > Chest

-Hold Air In for 3-5 Count

-Breathe Out Through Mouth with a Forceful Exhale Like Breathing Through a Straw

-Hold Empty Position for 3-5 Count

-10 to 15 Breaths

Dead Bugs

-Ribs Down and Low Back Flush Against the Floor

-Move with Intention and Control

-Maintain Neutral Trunk Position Throughout

-10 Reps On Each Side

Glute Bridges

-Ribs Down and Low Back Flush Against the Floor

-Pressure Through the Full Foot

-Extend Only As Far As You Can Maintain Neutral Ribs

-15 to 20 Reps

Ankle and Big Toe Dorsiflexion

-Brace the Back of the Ankle with One Hand

-Pull the Foot Into Dorsiflexion with the Other Hand

-Adding Some Rubbing To the Achilles Can Be Beneficial

-10 Reps Each Foot

Bird Dogs

-Align Hands Under Shoulders and Knees Under Hips

-Ribs Down and Straight Line from Head to Tailbone

-Maintain Stable Low Back, As If You Were Balancing A Glass of Water On Your Lumbar

-Achieve a Straight Line from Extended Hand to Opposite Side Extended Foot

-10 Reps On Each Side

Bear Crawl Rock Backs

-Hands Under Shoulders. Knees 1” Off Ground

-Actively Press Hands Into Floor

-Move With Control and Intent

-Keep Hips Level Like Balancing A Glass of Water on Your Low Back

-Drive Weight Over Shoulders and Then Rock Back Into Squat Position

-10 Reps 

Goblet Squat

-Assume Regular Squat Stance

-Hold KB/DB 6-18” From Chest

-Adjust Foot Pressure, Toe Angle and Stance Throughout Reps

-Some Reps Focus On More Pressure At Forefoot, Some Reps More Toes Out, Etc 

-Pause In Hole As Needed To Feel Comfortable In Position

-Press the Weight Away From You In The Hole To Turn On Abs More

-10 to 20 Reps

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