Warming Up for the Bench Press

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Marisa Inda demonstrates a simple warmup to utilize before your Bench Press training sessions.

An effective Bench warmup entails raising the core temperature, facilitating the muscles that will be used during the movement and priming the nervous system to maximize force output. Here is a sample Bench Warmup that moves through all these goals:

Upper Back Cat/Cow

-Hands Stacked Under Shoulders

-Drive the Upper Back High, As If A String Is Pulling From Between Your Shoulder Blades Toward the Ceiling

-Drop Your Chest Between Your Shoulders, Feel Your Movement Come from Your Scapula

-10 Reps In Both Directions

Bear Crawl Shoulder Touches

-Hands Under Shoulders. Knees 1” Off Ground

-Move With Control and Intent

-Keep Hips Level Like Balancing A Glass of Water on Your Low Back

-5 to 10 Reps Each Hand

Iso Hold Pushups

-Straight Line from Head To Heels

-Pause Halfway Done for 2-3 count

-Pause At Bottom for 2-3 count

-Pause Halfway Up for 2-3 count

-3 to 5 Reps

Couch Stretch

-Elevate Back Foot On Box/Bench

-Sit Deep Into Split Squat While Keeping Torso Upright

-Push Butt Towards Foot For More Stretch

-Hold for 30-60 Seconds Each Side

Band Pullaparts

-Grip Band with Overhand or Underhand Grip

-Pinch Scapula Together As If Squeezing a Pencil b/t Your Shoulder Blades

-Pull Band Apart with Straight Arms

-Band Should Contact Chest In Same Spot That Bar Does in Bench

-Perform 10-20 Reps

Cuban Press

-Maintain A Neutral Trunk Position w/ Ribs Stacked Over Hips

-Raise Elbows w/ Minimal Shoulder Shrug

-Externally Rotate w/ Control

-Press While Maintaining Neutral Spine

-Internally Rotate w/ Control

-Perform 10-15 Reps

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