Warming Up for the Jerk

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We break down some simple drills to help you warmup for the Jerk and improve your technique.

An effective Jerk warmup should increase core temperature, increase blood flow to the necessary muscle groups and reinforce the motor patterns of the Jerk. Drills that help develop coordination and timing should be incorporated into the warmup as well. Here is a sample Jerk warmup:

Wall Slides

Feet Start 6-8” away from wall

-Elbows and wrists touching wall forearms vertical

-Keep moderate pressure against wall, sliding arms up and down

-Keep scapulas depressed, traps relaxed (no shrugging)

-8-10 reps

Elbows-In Goblet Squat Press

Feet shoulder width apart

-Knees and toes tracking together

-Hold a plate or KB 6-12” in front of you

-With upper back neutral pull elbows together press up overhead to limit of ROM

-Use tempo, pausing, stretching to gain more ROM

-6-8 reps 

Front Rack Stretch

Use full grip if possible, wedge stick under tricep 

-Keep wrist rigid and neutral

-Use opposite hand to apply pressure to tricep

-Keep torso neutral, no hyperextension

-Use tempo, pausing, holds to gain more ROM

-Incorporate between sets of Front Squats, Cleans, Jerks

-8-10 reps,  20-30 second stretches

Press from Split

-From Split position bar in front rack 

-Bring elbows down and out slightly 

-Brace trunk and maintain neutral spine position

-With a full grip on bar press overhead

-Lockout with bar stacked on top of shoulder, shoulder above hip, hips in neutral position

-5-8 reps

Stepping Jerk Balance

-Start from front rack with full grip

-Brace torso and maintain neutral spine

-Back foot steps back onto the toe

-Front foot stomps out and down arms lockout TOGETHER

-Hips remain “high” in split, no lunging

-Recover front foot, then back foot

-4-6 reps 

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