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Team Juggernaut: Q&As

If you have a question for a Team Juggernaut member, ask them in the comments section of their training log or on the Juggernaut Facebook Page

Q: Addressing the specific needs of different Crossfit Competitors is tough. How do you accomplish this?

A: Ryan Brown, Darkside Strength Crossfit- I think that the most important aspect of any group training is to be able to understand the template that you are using and then be able to adjust based on the needs or level of preparedness of each individual athlete/client. I am a firm believer that this applies to every discipline, whether it be CrossFit, Powerliftng, Olympic Lifting, or whatever. There are millions of programs out there, and there are millions of people who have seen success on all of those programs….. well, maybe not all.


That being said, here is the basic outline off of which we can adjust for the competitors.


Olympic Pulls, Maximal Squat, Dynamic Upper Body, Pull & Posterior Accessory, and Alactic (short-burst) Capacity Training


Maximal Press, Lower Body Dynamic, Push Accessory, and Lactic Capacity (longer-burst) Training


Lactic Threshold and Aerobic Capacity Development (typically monostructural or gymnastics based) – what most people think of when you say “aerobic conditioning”, but designed in a way that fits our goals.


Olympic Pulls, Maximal Deadlift, Dynamic Upper Body, Pull & Posterior Accessory, and Alactic Capacity Training




Olympic Pulls, Maximal Upper Body, Dynamic Lower Body, Push Accessory, and Aerobic Power Training


Low- to moderate-intensity Lactic Power and Aerobic Capacity Development

Check out if you are interested in knowing a little more.

Check out Ryan’s Training Log

Q: Why did the Military go out of fashion for American powerlifters and why do you think it is important for people to perform?

A: Brandon Lilly breaks it down…

Check out Brandon’s Training Log here

Q: What would be a good routine to follow as far as practicing the Highland Games?

A: Matt Vincent, Highland Games World Champion: Training the throws is going to vary throughout the season for me. It is also going to depend on how things feel. But typically during the offseason and main part of the season I throw 2-3 times a week. Which breaks down like this…

Day 1: Reps depend on time of year and how good the event feels. If it feels bad then I throw it more.

Stone: Stands x5-10, Full x10-12

HWFD: 1 Turn x5-10, Fulls x10-20

22# hammer: 1 Turn x5, 2 Turns x5, Full x5-10

Day 2: Lighter day, so I can be well rested for the weekend.

Stone (heavy if I have one, 17-18#): Stands x10, Fulls x5-10

LWFD: Fulls x10-120, 16# Hammer: 1 turn x5, 2 turn x5, Fulls x5-10

Day 3: Height events

WOB: x10

Sheaf x10

Caber: x5-10

Read Matt’s Training Log Here

Q: How do you train athletes who play multiple sports throughout the year, or the same sport for multiple teams and never have a true offseason?

A: Chad Wesley Smith…

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