JuggernautAI Community Spotlight #7

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JuggernautAI Athletes of every age, size, gender, experience etc keep smashing their PRs

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@johnsquad11 Jason Johnson is benching 200kg/440# x3 which is 14kg above his M2 USAPL American Record. His son Noah, both use the JuggernautAI system. Noah is the 93kg USAPL Single Ply champ and uses it for his raw off-season training, here he is pulling 305kg/672# for an easy Raw PR. They both utilize JuggernautAI to get training that properly fits each of them and adapts to their various levels of progress and fatigue.

@kyle_gets_wheysted_cny Kyle Myers pulling 655# x2 for a PR. Kyle has been using Juggernaut program for about 3 years, from Club Coaching to all versions of the AI to now the app and continues to make great progress.

@mommity Amanda West finished her day 9/9 with Squat (142.5kg/314#), Bench (75kg/165#) and Total PRs, plus tying her best Deadlift (167.5kg/369#) on her way to Best Lifter in the Masters Division

@beau_knows Special shoutout to one of my favorite jiu jitsu training partners, Beau Berenger, who has used JuggernautAI for a year (6 months with BJJ and 6 months with Powerbuilding) on these huge PRs of 525 Squat (100# PR), 350 Bench (55# PR) and 560 Trap Bar Deadlift (110# PR), while training as a BJJ Brown Belt and Police Detective. Congrats buddy!

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