JuggernautAI Community Spotlight #11

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More lifters smashing their PRs with the JuggernautAI App

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@thewolvesofwinter Carlos Moran squatting 237kg/522# x8 for a PR with the Safety Squat Bar and Cambered Bar Benching 185kg/407# x7 for another PR. Awesome to see an elite lifter like Carlos (#9 All-Time a 90kg/198#) making progress with JuggernautAI.

@wynnmichael squatting 230kg/507# x8, benching 160kg/352# x7 and pulling 250kg/551# x5 when he began training with JuggernautAI back in the 1.0 version of the spreadsheets in early 2019, his best squat was 210kg/462#, bench was 150kg/330# and deadlift was 222.5kg/490#. Huge progress and we are very grateful for his trust and commitment to the process.

@maryshep23 finished her day 9/9 with PRs in all lifts. Squatting 197.5kg/435#, Bench 95kg/209# and Deadlift 190kg/419#. Congrats Mary!

@txgaragegym benching 340# x4 and squatting 510# x4 for a pair of PRs. This gentlemen is who first introduced me to the Garage Gym Competition and this year, Juggernaut is the presenting sponsor. Learn more at GarageGymCompetition.com and enter for FREE.

Learn more about the Garage Gym Competition: https://garagegymcompetition.com/

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