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Full Name: David Brandon Lilly
Date of Birth: 3/14/1982
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 315-325
Hometown: Berea, KY
Current City: Richmond, KY
Years Training: 12 , Powerlifting 6+/-
Gym Name & Location: Berea Barbell in Berea, KY and Lexen Xtreme in Columbus
Occupation: Data Board Assembly

How did you get started in weightlifting and specifically powerlifting?

I started training for sports in high school, specifically one Coach, Travis Lynch, taught me the importance of strength, and it really helped build confidence in myself. Then I began training with my best friend Brad Webb. We would run out and buy Flex magazines, and bring our protein and stuff to school, we trained more with heart than with brains but being so young and new to it we both grew like crazy. After high school I trained at a Gym called TOTAL FITNESS and it was not like it sounds. It was meathead central. All the guys in there were strong and jacked as hell. This is when I met Robby Burns (the owner of the gym) and he introduced me to powerlifting and the Westside Method.

That is definitely a journey right there! What challenges have you faced to get where you are today?

I don’t want to sound like some kind of rags to riches story but each one of us faces hardships. We all have shit in our lives that no one else knows about, or no one else would understand. This sport is crazy in what we will do for it. We all sacrifice a lot.

That is not a truer statement right there. How do you prepare for a meet?

This has changed a lot over the years, but basically I take 10-12 weeks to prepare for a meet. I follow my own method (CUBE) and it allows me to build progressively through the weeks both mental and physical strength and readiness.
You are known as one of the nicest guys when it comes to answering questions for people. Why is that?
That is certainly a compliment. I just know that I used to, and really still do question everything. To me in this sport there are so many variables so no question is stupid. I also find that the questions Im asked allow me to think critically about my answers and this allows me to continue to grow myself.
What is your opinion on supplements for powerlifters?
I am not some zealot who will cause a wreck on the highway to try and get home and have my 4:30 protein shake. But I work my supplements into my meal plan. Too many people don’t realize what they are doing. They are called S-U-P-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-S, people actually replace whole food with protein shakes. That is awful unless it is your only option and I have been in high demand high stress jobs where I still snuck whole foods in. I think many of the supplement companies rape people on shit and filler. Buy protein, creatine, and vitamins, maybe some specialized supplements like digestive enzymes and that’s all you really need. Don’t get caught up in the latest and greatest.
What does it take to feed a powerlifter like you?
A lot. I’m in a gaining mode so I eat 2-3 times a day but try to stuff 6000-8000 calories into those two meals. I make myself eat whole foods. I love eggs, rice, beef, chicken, pork, bacon, spinach, pasta. Milk…. I freaking love MILK!! If you can’t get big on whole food you’re not doing something right.

Who inspired you to become interested and compete in powerlifting?

Probably Robby Burns – he introduced me to it and in my mind is one of the strongest men I know. He challenged me to get better.

What is your greatest feat of strength so far? What feat of strength do you want to accomplish?

It’s not even a feat of strength on the platform. I have experienced some pretty significant low’s in my powerlifting career and I think the strength I gained from those hardships trump any lift I’ve done. I just want continued progress in my lifts. I want to be strong in multiple disciplines, and have the respect of my peers.
What was it like training at the legendary Westside Barbell with the legend himself Louie Simmons?
Louie said something to me one day that a lot of people don’t realize. He said a lot of guys want to blame him for their shortcomings, but Lou will tell you he’s not a coach, he’s a teammate, he’s just seen and tried more than the rest of us. He said we are all coaches in there, we all look for different things and can all offer good advice. Lou is a one of a kind. He has given his entire life to making powerlifting what it is today.
What was it like training at Lexen and with Chuck Vogelpohl?
Chuck is Chuck. He is the most determined lifter I have ever met, and most certainly he made me a better lifter from the mental aspect. Lexen is where I found myself as a lifter. Danny Dague gave me the freedom to run, and he helped me believe in myself along with really great teammates. I loved my time there.
What are your future goals?
You’ll see. LOL! In all seriousness, just continue to grow as a lifter, be a better person, and live life on my terms.
What training advice would you give to anyone interested in competing in powerlifting?
Like I said before, Commit. Pick a training method you feel you can believe in and commit. Don’t change it when you stumble, don’t run to the latest and greatest fad… Check your balls and commit. I say a shitty training method you believe in is far better than the perfect training method you don’t.
Discuss the power of the beard and the importance of having one.
Haha! Well being that I am ugly as hell and bald I grow a beard. Actually this all started years ago as I got closer to competitions I quit caring about everything so I always ended up with a beard when I competed. And that was when I had hair, now that I’m bald I have beard so I don’t look like a phallus. In all seriousness a beard will add 100 lbs. to your total instantly.
Now, you mentioned that you have some background in bodybuilding. How can the techniques from bodybuilding and powerlifting be combines to form a more effective training regimen?
I hate when powerlifters don’t look like powerlifters. For too long guys who were lazy or whatever just got fat and celebrated this. I never want to be that way. I look at Bill Kazmaier, Ed Coan, Doug Young, these guys were built well and strong as shit. For a long time powerlifters just got sorry. I like to do higher rep sets after my main movements to build muscle size and muscular endurance.

I am going to give you a topic (person, number, or topic) and you give me one sentence about the topic:

a. Nick Winters– Gentle giant. Great guy gone too soon.
b. Geared vs. Raw– Ridiculous debate, wish guys on both sides would stop having a dick measuring contest and come together to celebrate both. This is the shit that holds powerlifting back.
c. Doug Young– One of my true strength idols. Amazing strength amazing build, and a tight beard game.
d. World Records– The best of the best.
e. The 225 benchmark– I remember the first time I did this, it was huge for me and let me know I could set and achieve my goals.
f. The Powerlifter Stereotype– I think people have the wrong perception about powerlifters as a whole, but there is a stereotype for a reason, many men and women perpetuate the stigma. If you don’t like it change yourself and be a beacon for a new view on it.
g. Powerlifting as an Olympic sport– If it happens great, if not great. I think the Olympics are a farce anyway.
Finish the sentence:
a. The one movie I can watch repeatedly is … Fight Club
b. The one food I could gorge on all day is… Rice
c. The one song that gets me pumped for a good training session is… AC/DC- Razor’s Edge
What do you do in your spare time? 
Spend it with friends
Where do you see the sport of powerlifting in the future?
Sadly I see it on a continuous wheel of growth and retraction. Too many greedy selfish people to actually see it become what it could.

You have a very public persona, via Facebook, Youtube and so on. Lots of people love it and lots of people hate it. How do you feel about this?

If what I do causes one kid to have confidence in himself, and become a better lifter, athlete, person, whatever then it is worth it. People that dislike it thats fine. I don’t care what people think of me really. I have played the game of trying to make everyone happy and I ended up miserable. Haters are everywhere, and that is what they are born to do. Some people are born to be great, others are born to hate. I really feel sorry for those people, life is so short and to waste it all on jealousy is a very miserable way to exist.
How can the people contact you and follow all that you do?
[email protected], [email protected], or Facebook
Is there anyone you would like to thank or give special recognition to?
All my teammates past and present, the people close to me in my life that make it worth living, and to the people who doubt me.

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