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What’s Your Question? #2


What’s Your Question? #2

Have a question for Team Juggernaut? Ask it in the comments…

0:00: @boompolesandbarbells asks, “How does one know if they’ve truly recovered from the last workout? What signs does one look for? Not sore? Is being sore a sign you’re not recovered or can you still squat again despite sore quads/glutes? Thanks!”

1:[email protected]_a_runner asks, “Should I be concerned/how to go about fixing too much squat depth? I’ve always done high bar/heeled shoe, but as my numbers are climbing I’m wondering if I’m wasting energy.”

1:55-Erik Kristopher asks, “Do you think the ability to tolerate volume is something that can be increased through training or is it more a byproduct of training age/strength level/body weight/gender?”

2:[email protected] asks, “If you train as a high bar squatter and have previously competed as a high bar squatter, but are wanting to make the change to low bar, 1) when should that change be made, 2) what tips/pointers can you give someone who has never squatted low bar?”

3:[email protected] asks, “What assistant exercises are most optimal for hypertrophy training for olympic weightlifting?”

4:[email protected] asks, “how long should be a hypertrophy block before converting into a strength block?”

5:10-Chris Haggit asks, “I was wondering if it was normal to get really sore after a deload week between strength phases?”

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May 31, 2017 at 11:19 am, fred sterman said:

is it ok to bench press 4 times a week ?


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