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What’s Your Question? #1


What’s Your Question? #1

Have a question for Team Juggernaut? Ask it in the comments…

0:35-What’s better for vertical jump/athletic performance, Hang Cleans or Full Cleans?

1:42-How should Masters adjust their training?

2:48-What type of shoes should you wear for squats?

3:35-Should you Split Jerk or Squat Jerk?

4:36-What should you do if you aren’t going to compete for a year?

5:24-What’s going though your mind before a big competition lift?

6:26-Can you deload one bodypart/lift at a time?

Team Juggernaut

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2 Responses to “What’s Your Question? #1”

April 19, 2017 at 8:34 pm, Paul Lodzik said:

In one of the videos by Dr. Israetel on “An overview of recovery” he states that when working with athletes you need to program different sets and reps for each athlete because they will have different MRV’s. Now I understand that concept and the reasoning why, but does that pertain to team training as in anywhere between 10-30 guys and very poor consistency due to their job? Now just to provide some more information. I work with airforce operators that partake in their own workouts on top of the mandatory workouts I provide so I can’t stop then from doing this and on average each airman will miss 1-3sessions every 2 weeks if not more due to job training. For this population is it worth prescribing different sets and reps for these guys? The college I worked for only prescribed differently depending on positions or age/experience


April 20, 2017 at 6:44 pm, bobby deggendorf said:

My elbows tend to get beat up from squats and it affects my bench. Any tips on how to reduce this?


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