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Squat School-Episode 3


Squat School-Episode 3

Cover Photo by 9for9 Media

Marisa Inda made great progress in her squat between 2016 IPF Worlds in June when she squatted 132.5kg/292# and 2016 USAPL Nationals in October where she made a PR of 145kg/319#. In this episode of Squat School, Max and Chad discuss the technical and programming changes that helped her make this progress:

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One Response to “Squat School-Episode 3”

January 02, 2017 at 4:16 pm, Jim Nonnemacher said:

Not to argue with success, but I was wondering about Marisa’s narrow stance/foot placement. I’m guessing this position was arrived at over time and is one that works best for her. Just find it strange that someone involved with powerlifting uses such a narrow, toes forward stance when most powerlifting squat images I see are more of a sumo, super wide stance. Just wondering.


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