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Lilly and Carter on Lifting and Life-Part 3

Build Muscle

Lilly and Carter on Lifting and Life-Part 3

Brandon Lilly and Paul Carter continue their awesome series covering all sorts of things lifting in life. In this, the 3rd part of the series, they cover nutrition. Brandon and Paul, 310 and 265 pounds respectively, both are extremely lean for their sizes. Learn how they build a body that not only is strong, but looks strong…

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One Response to “Lilly and Carter on Lifting and Life-Part 3”

July 03, 2013 at 7:10 am, Rusty sherman said:

Good shit fellas, since i put on 40 lbs solid in last couple years people ask me how to get “yoked”… I say it’s just like they say- 90% mental 10% physical….. my “diet” ( what I eat) to me is as important as how I train but requires even more discipline than lifting. Makes the difference in plateau. A suggestion for a video ( dealing with plateau)
Great stuff keep it up


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