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Eric Lilliebridge: 2204 at 275


Eric Lilliebridge: 2204 at 275

At only 22 years old, Eric Lilliebridge has established himself as one of the World’s best powerlifters by recently totalling 2204 via 854 Squat, 529 Bench and 821 Deadlift, wearing a belt and knee wraps in the 275 weight class. Eric has been powerlifting since age 12 and along with his Dad and older Brother, Ernie Sr and Ernie Jr, the Lilliebridges may be the strongest family in the World. Listen up as Chad talks with Eric about his training, diet and goals for powerlifting, as well as his upcoming showdown with fellow 275 beast Stan Efferding at SuperTraining gym in November!!


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Look for Eric’s Training Log Coming Soon to JTSstrength.com

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