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The SuperTraining Gym (Sacramento) Meet of the Century was one of the most anticipated powerlifting meets of all time, in large part due to the presence of Team Juggernaut’s Brandon Lilly, Dan Green and Eric Lilliebridge. Check out these pictures and videos from the guys during their great performances at the meet…

Brandon Lilly, Check Out His Training Log Here

Brandon’s total of 2204 is the 17th highest raw total of all time!!

Dan Green, Check Out His Training Log Here

You know you’re strong when a 755 raw squat at 220 is a disappointing performance.
Dan finished off his record day with an 800 pound deadlift

Dan finished the day with a 755 squat, 485 bench and 800 deadlift for a 2040 total and World Record (raw w/ wraps) at 220 pounds. Dan didn’t have the day he had hoped but still walked away with a World Record, a true testament to his amazing strength.

Eric Lilliebridge, Check Out His Training Log Here 

Eric’s 859 squat is a World Junior (under 23 years old) Record. His strength displayed in his attempt at 903 (missed on a technicality) is just a sign of amazing things to come from Eric. Check out Eric’s recap of his performance…

Team Juggernaut’s Brandon Lilly established himself as one of the greatest raw lifters ever with his 2204 total.
Team Juggernaut’s Dan Green continues to amaze with his raw strength and physique.
Team Juggernaut’s Eric Lilliebridge continues to cement his phenom status with another amazing performance.
Juggernaut is proud to be represented by such great lifters and people like, Eric, Brandon and Dan.

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