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Are you ready for the next level in strongman training? Are you Sick of the same old training routines? How about getting the leg up on your competition with the most revolutionary training program ever developed for strongman?

You need a program that covers every aspect of strength training and leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit to become the ultimate strength athlete. Sadly, most programs today fall short of such standards.

The Most Complete Strongman Training Program Ever Developed

The Cube Method for Strongman is the strongman training program that has taken athlete after athlete to the next level of strength. Strongmen have been hitting pr after pr taking their strength to levels previously not imagined. But the Cube Method for Strongman is not just another weightlifting program. It combines and rotates weight training, strongman event training, and agility work in a way that has never been done before.

Time to take the guesswork out of strongman training. In the revolutionary Cube Method for Strongman E-book you will learn….


The Journey to the Cube

-How the Cube method was formed

-Why it became the training method of Worlds Strongest Man Competitor Josh Thigpen and up and coming strongmen alike.

How to solve the problem with Strongman training

-Find out what the problem is with strongman training

-Learn how to solve the problem

The Cube for Strongman Program

Explanation of the program and the secret to the unique rotation of training modes.

-Get set up on your own cube method for strongman program.

Event training

-Learn which events are the most important to train

-How to properly rotate the events in order to maximize training

-What percentages of weight to use on the events in order to get stronger and faster than ever before.

Gym Training

-Which Gym lifts are the most important for strongman

-How to rotate the training modes of each of the main lifts

-Proper weight, rep and set schemes needed in order to make you the very best strongman you can be.

Assistance Work

-Which assistance work is the best for strongman training

-Find out how to maximize certain assistance exercises in order to

get the most benefit from them.

Warm up

-How to warm up properly in order to prevent injury and prime your body for training.

Agility and Footwork

-Drills that will help you increase footwork in order to shave seconds off of your times

-How to improve recovery through footwork drills

-Become the best all around strength athlete you can be

Injury prevention

-Learn how to stay healthy and prevent injuries

-How to prevent the most common injury in strongman


The Cube Method for Strongman program is a comprehensive program that will help you take out all of the guesswork in your training and finally give you a definitive strongman program to get you to your goals!



The Cube Method for Strongman has made me the strongest I have been in my entire career.

Here is a short list of my strongman career:

Qualified for the ESPN Worlds Strongest Man competition 4 times

-Competed 3 times at The Worlds Strongest man competition

-Competed for 12 years

-8 years as a pro

-Competed in over 50 competitions around the world

-Trained, competed against and discussed training with the best pro strongmen of all time including Zydrunas Savickas, Bill Kazmaier, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Derek Poundstone, Brian Shaw, Dave Ostlund, Jesse Marunde, Travis Ortmayer, Karl Gillingham and the list goes on.

All of that knowledge and training experience has culminated with the Cube Method for Strongman. I wish I had a program like this when I coming up in the strongman game. You don’t have to spend years of study, training and trial and error, I have done that for you!

The Cube Method for Strongman catapulted my training to become the strongest, most conditioned and quickest I have ever been!  Not to mention all of the testers and athletes who have tried it this year and continuously hit new prs!

Here are some testimonials from some of the best competitors and experts in the world today!

I couldn’t be more impressed with the Cube Method for Strongman-Brandon Lilly

“I knew the Cube Method was not only perfect for powerlifting but strongman as well. Josh Thigpen has perfectly transitioned the Cube Method for the great sport of strongman. To say we agree on training philosophy is an understatement, so iworking with Josh has been a perfect partnership. This is a complete strongman program that I think will take strongman training to the next level, and I would greatly encourage any strongman to get the Cube Method for Strongman.”-Brandon Lilly- Author of the Cube Method, Holder of the #1 raw Powerlifting total in the World in 2012 and #16 highest raw total of all time.

Josh has taken strongman programming to another level-Chad Wesley Smith

“I have had the chance to train with Josh and really discuss training and let me say he knows what he is talking about. When he first explained the Cube Method for Strongman to me I knew he was on to something. I have been proven right as I have seen the results of the many strongman testers who have been on the program. This is a complete program, that I believe will produce complete strength athletes.”-Chad Wesley Smith-Author of Juggernaut Method 2.0, 905 American record raw squat. 2012 NAS National Strongman Champion and ASC Pro strongman

This is a smart and complete training program-Matt Vincent

“Smart training and programming has been a huge key to my success in highland games and the same principle holds true for Strongman. If you’re wanting a program that will make you a total strength athlete, this is it. The unique rotation of gym lifts and events is very smart and I think will become the standard program for strongman training.”-Matt Vincent- 2012 World Highland Games Champion

The Cube Method for Strongman is an unbelievable value as a stand alone product., But I want to step up the value even more with some awesome additional products to go with it!

When you order the Cube Method for Strongman you will also get these FREE bonus products.

#1 Bonus mini book – The Psychology of the Cube

Learn how to get a mental advantage over the competition, with this companion to the Cube Method for strongman.  This insightful book discusses one of the most important facets of strongman, mental training and preparedness. With this book you will learn how to harness the power of mind over matter and how to become mentally as strong as possible!

#2 Bonus Cube for Strongman Training Journal Template

The Cube for Strongman  e-book comes equipped with a training journal so you can record and track your progress! Simply print out the template, make copies and start chronicling your journey on the Cube!

#3 A video tutorial on stone training

I have consistently been one of the best on the atlas stones in the world for the past 10 years! Learn the secrets to becoming the fastest and strongest stone loader you can be and start dominating the competition!

Okay you’ve Read about the book, heard the testimonials, and seen the bonus products, now how much does it cost?

First off let me say that the knowledge, and real world application I have accumulated over the 20 years I have had of being either a fan of strongman or a competitor, is invaluable.

Not to mention the fact that I have spent in the tens of thousands of dollars of my own personal money traveling, competing, buying books, buying dvds, and flying cross country to train with the best athletes in the world.

I have had athletes pay me large amounts of money for just a few moments of my time in order to help them become a better strength athlete.

Even if you take all of that into account, I still want to give you the best deal possible for this e-book. I want as many people as possible to start reaching their goals in strongman.

That’s why for a limited time I am offering the Cube Method for Strongman along with all of the bonus products for only 27 dollars!

This price will go up soon so get in on this deal while you can!

So How Do I Get It?

First off don’t wait!

Click on the button below to add the product to your cart.  Enter your credit card information and you’ll get immediate access to The Cube Method for Strongman.


I’ll see you at the top,

Josh Thigpen

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