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Happy 4th of July!! What a great day to celebrate America, BBQ and also an awesome chance to show off your guns! Check out some of TeamJTS’ favorite workouts to get you jacked, give them a try before you put on that American flag tank top today!

Chad Wesley Smith

Everyone always thinks about bicep work when they’re looking for big arms, but real big pipes are built with tricep work. For a quick, skin splitting, tricep pump try this…

Weighted Dip Drop Set-No Rest b/t sets

3 Chains x Near Max Reps

2 Chains x Near Max Reps

1 Chains x Near Max Reps

Bodyweight x Max Reps

Band Pushdowns x Failure.

Dan Green

My triceps workout for years and years started with skull crushers done lying on a flat bench; head just off the edge; bar lowered just past the crown of the head. Like a skull/pullover. Start with sets of 15 and work up. Maybe:
Drop set 

Next straight bar push downs
Sets of 10 to a top set then drop set to burn out

Finally dips
BW x 2 x AMRAP

Blaine Sumner

One of the best ways to pack meat on your bones is heavy compound movements. To get some turkeys hanging outta your shirt this summer, use board work to crank that swolja boy.

Using 50% of your 1RM on close grip bench press – monster set.

X 5 to chest

X 5 to 1 board

X 5 to 2 board

X 5 to 3 board

X Failure to 4 board

Eric Lilliebridge

For Tricep accessories (which I only do after benching) I usually like to do heavy floor presses 1-2 inches inside the rings 3-4 sets of doubles or triples, heavy cable push downs 4 sets 15 reps, single arm reverse grip push downs 4 sets 15 reps. For Biceps I like to do wide grip preacher curls 4 sets 15 reps, strict standing dumbbell curls 4 sets 15 reps and strict hammer curls 4 sets 15 reps. Usually low rest periods about a min – min 1/2 and try to get a good pump.

Corey Hayes

One of my favorite tools to use with my Cube Extreme clients to pack on mass is rest paused sets. For the triceps, nothing makes them grow like a close grip three board with the use of rest pause sets. I recommend starting with a weight you can do at least 10-12 reps with on the first mini set and add 5-10lbs per workout.

To perform a rest pause set, you will combine 3 mini sets into one giant set. Perform reps to just shy of failure-rest 20 to 30 seconds, perform reps to just shy of failure-rest 20 to 30 seconds, perform reps to failure.

Matt Vincent

To blow up my rear delts and tricep, I love this combo of movments. I do walking the rack (micro band doubled around wrists and walk you hands up and down the rack till failure for 5 sets) and then Slingshot push-ups 5 sets till failure.

Caitlyn Trout

On bench accessory day, I always like to incorporate a lot of volume for my main main movements: overhead press 5×5 close-grip 2 board 3×8, but then I add 4 or 5 assistance exercises to really work my triceps, lats, biceps, and shoulders. Dumbbell front raises super set with side raises 3×15 each , tricep push downs 5×10, lat pull downs 5×10, and bicep curls with the ez bar 5×10.

Brandon Lilly

I hate seeing guys that are all show, and no go. Sure it looks cool to have huge arms and whatnot, but who cares if you’re a pussy when it comes to the weights?

For me I like to focus on higher rep finishers at the end of my workouts for arms. My go to superstar superset has always been:

100 barbell curls

100 band Pushdowns

You can do them in as many sets as needed to get to 100 but squeeze on every rep.

Maya Camille Winters

Stole these from Pro Bodybuilder, Johnny Jackson.

Two and a half minutes of DB Bench, using a moderate weight, press 3 reps, hold at the top, press 3 reps, hold at the top, repeat this for the duration of the 2.5 minutes. Focus on squeezing every rep as hard as possible.

Pete Rubish

For arm training I prefer to go with extremely high volume in order to get the best pump possible. Rep ranges nearing seventy-five are not uncommon. My go-to superset for arm training is tricep pushdowns using the V-handle supersetted with straight-bar cable curls. I use moderately light weight and try to hit 50-75 reps each set for the tricep pushdowns and 30-40 reps each set for the cable curls. You can go relatively fast on these as the goal is to try to just get as much blood flowing into the muscle as possible.

Kalle Beck

I saw my biggest gains in size when I added a extra day consisting of high volume, high reps with very little rest utilizing super sets…

Incline db press 2×20 
Superset with incline db fly 2×20

Barbell curls 3×50 
Superset with band tricep push downs 3×50

And as an added finisher as many reps as possible of push ups with a slingshot focusing on just the triceps

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