One Step At A Time: Dealing with Negativity

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I have to apologize for being a few days late on my log, but I was out of town for the Sorinex Summer Strength 7, and I was in the company of some of the greatest coaches, motivators, and people I have ever come into contact with. To say that it was incredible is a massive understatement. If you are a fan of being awesome, and kicking life in the face, while you punch it in the balls simultaneously then be there next year. It costs $20 to attend this year… I think its worth a little drive.

While there I met NFL Strength Coaches, Coaches from the NCAA, and NAIA, Navy Seal Team 6 member, SEC Official, and numerous Strength Coaches from various backgrounds. I was listening to so many ideas, and stories, and while each of us know things, and understand a great deal of the science within training, ideas are shared in ways that make things “click”, and help to gain a fuller understanding. I am so excited to employ the lessons learned this weekend as I move forward. Thank you so much to Richard, and Bert Sorin.

I wanna share with you all some reflection that I have had since this weekend, and maybe they can apply to you…

In my life I have always been someone who worked hard to be the very best that I can be, and within these rules I try to live each day:

-Wake each day and immediately reflect on 5 things from the day before that I were unique, and that I am thankful for.

-Set out a plan to be better than I was the day before.

-Find some way to do an act of kindness for someone, and at least a couple times a week it has to be a total stranger.

Within those goals lies a silver lining as well, you start to take ownership of your life, and how being thankful is a far greater power than negativity. Learning to appreciate every aspect of your life will almost make it impossible for negativity to exist. I know this seems a little deep for a powerlifting log, but it’s my log so I have the power LOL. For example, I get asked how to deal with haters all the time… Lets balance that negativity with some positives.

-Someone said something negative about me online. vs. I have 25 Clients that are smashing PR’s

-Someone said something negative about me online. vs. I have a job I love, a home I love, and friends and family that support me.

When you start looking at the great things in your life, the negative almost seems comical. But on the other side of the coin, we have to recognize that no matter where we are in life is directly related to choices we made in life. SO realizing this helps us understand that choices we make moving forward can get us out of our current situation we are in. The great thing about this country is we have the ability to take control, and if we are willing to work for it, anything… ANYTHING is possible.

So many people do this in life, but it is rampant in powerlifting. Let your mind command your body... Go further than you can imagine. From "The Way of The SEAL" by Mark Divine -Commander, US Navy SEALs
So many people do this in life, but it is rampant in powerlifting. Let your mind command your body… Go further than you can imagine.
From “The Way of The SEAL” by Mark Divine -Commander, US Navy SEALs

Training has been great:Back in the Gym for some Bench

Monday 6/24

Competition Bench

Warm Ups

315 x 6 x 4 sets

365 x 3

405 x 3 x 3

460 x 3 x 2

500 x 2

Close Grip

315 x 21

315 x 16

Tricep DB French Press

45 x 20 x 4 sets

Incline DB Press

120 x 15 x 4 sets

Tricep Pressdowns

100 reps

Lat Pulldowns

100 reps

Tuesday 6/25


Seated Military

135 x 15

185 x 10

225 x 8

275 x 8

315 x 5 x 3 sets

Arnold Press

70 x 12 x 4 sets

Side Raises

30 x 10 x 3 sets

Lilly Shrugs

75 x 15 x 4 sets

Lat Pulldowns

4 x 12

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