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Pillars of Snatch Technique


Pillars of Snatch Technique

The Snatch is one of the most athletic and complex movements in all of sports. Mastering Snatch technique is a process that takes many years and some may argue it is never truly mastered. In this series, Max Aita breaks down the foundational principles of effective and efficient technique in the Snatch.

Start Position

Finding your optimal start position is critical to making successful lifts because if you don’t start well, the lift is unlikely to end well. While start position will vary based on body proportion, Max gives some guidelines to help you find what is right for you.

Pull to the Hip

Putting the bar in the right place at the hip so that you are primed for an excellent position happens through a combination of tempo, timing, staying over the bar and patience, Max Aita teaches you how Team Juggernaut does it.

The Explosion

Imparting upward momentum on the bar through a synergistic effort of the legs, hips and back is one of the key phases of a successful Snatch.

The Turnover

A fast and efficient Turnover that puts the bar into the right place over your head is the next critical phase of Snatch technique.

The Catch

Catching a heavy Snatch relies on timing, patience and positioning. In this final Pillar of Snatch Technique, Max discusses how to accomplish this feat of athleticism.

Team Juggernaut

Juggernaut Training Systems is a group of athletes and coaches dedicated to leading from the front and providing people with the highest quality information from true experts to help them achieve their goals.

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