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Marisa Inda World Record Program


Marisa Inda World Record Program

Cover Photo by 9for9 Media

Marisa Inda recently became the All-Time Total World Record Holder in the 52kg/114.4# Weightclass with her performance at The Arnold Grand Prix, where she posted a 430kg/948# Total via 150kg/330# Squat, 92.5kg/204# Bench and 187.5kg/413# Deadlift. Marisa has 77.5kg/170# to her total in her nearly 3 years training with Chad Wesley Smith and in this video, Chad and Marisa examine what are the critical components of Marisa’s training that have helped her excel.

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  • Marton Bene

    What’s up with Chad’s right foot? As he spots you can see he walks solely on the outer edge of his foot? Other than that great analysis. Thank you!

  • JimmyS B. Rustled

    I’m going to say that Chad is catching fireflies in that thumbnail.