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Squat Training with Max Aita


Squat Training with Max Aita

For the final portion of our controlled practice session at JuggernautHQ Max went over some of the finer points of squatting for leg strength. Several athletes had their own planned programming coming into the training session so Max offered some advice.

Vanessa was shifting her weight backward a little too dramatically during the descent portion of the squat. This caused her to underutilize her quadriceps throughout the movement. It is very important to squat in a way that develops leg strength over back/hip strength for an athlete that is competing in the sport of weightlifting.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew… he was caught trying to put chains on the bar to squat. After a quick and thorough lecture from Max and Chad he changed his mind. Besides the fact that the chains probably only weighed 10lbs total. It is generally not necessary to use accommodating resistance methods like chains or bands for a lifter of Andrew’s qualification.

Jamie worked on some heavier singles. Her technique is solid and that means that most likely her only limiting factor in having a larger squat is the training program. She is also an excellent CrossFit competitor and in all likelihood isn’t in need of a bigger squat at the moment.

James did front squats this day and executes them with great technique for his body proportions. He does a great job of using his legs in the squat especially out of the hole. This is a little bit easier task to execute when one is front squatting.

The final exercise Max is showing Vanessa is the belt squat. This exercise is used a tremendous amount in Max’s programs for development of the quadriceps. The exercise should be done with the knee pushed over the toe and held in place as the lifter drives up from the bottom. The lifter should not sit back while doing this as it will only make the exercise less effective. These are best done for higher repetitions and multiple sets.

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