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The Best of Dr. Quinn Henoch


The Best of Dr. Quinn Henoch

Happy Birthday to Dr. Quinn Henoch! Quinn’s contribution to the Juggernaut community have been immense and his insights into breathing and bracing have helped countless people improve their performance and get out of pain, including playing an integral role in helping Chad Wesley Smith rehab from 2 herniated discs and return to squatting 950+ pounds raw!

In celebration of Dr. Quinn’s birthday, check out some of his best articles ever…

The Best Damn Squat Mobility Article, Period. 

Want to move and squat better? This article is a one stop guide to everything you need to feel better, move better and to squat more weight and do it safer.

Patellofemoral Pain: Putting the Research Into Your Rehab

Knee pain is one of the most common issues faced by athletes and lifters. Dr. Quinn sorts through the mountains of research on the topic for you and helps you heal your pain.

The Shoulder Health Essentials

Struggling with shoulder pain, mobility or stability? Quinn helps you improve your positioning to make rapid and real improvements in your shoulder health and function.

What Is Tightness?

Dr. Quinn discusses the reality of ‘tight muscles’ and helps you change your perspective on this issue…

Why Stretching Isn’t The Answer

Are you stretching and stretching but not seeing any improvements in your movement? Then this video is for you…

In addition to Dr. Quinn’s practice inside Juggernaut HQ in Laguna Niguel, CA he also has a host of Online Coaching Services available.

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Juggernaut Training Systems is a group of athletes and coaches dedicated to leading from the front and providing people with the highest quality information from true experts to help them achieve their goals.

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