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In case you missed them. Here are 5 of our favorite articles from JTSstrength.com during December…

1. 5 Tips to Gain Weight by Brandon Lilly

Brandon Lilly gives you some insight and diet tips from his time going from 170 pounds to the 330 pound beast he is now.

Brandon Lilly is a mass gaining master!

2. Misconceptions About ‘The Catapult’ vs ‘Triple Extension’ by Jacob Tsypkin

The lifting techniques of ‘the catapult’ and ‘triple extension’ have become a great point of contention among some in the weightlifting community. Jacob Tsypkin weighs in on what this debate really is about.

3. No-Nonsense Periodization for Powerlifting by Dr. Michael Israetel

Dr. Michael Israetel of Renaissance Periodization gives you an excellent overview of effective periodization for maximum strength.

4. 11 Lessons from the Russians by Colin Burns

Colin Burns shares 11 valuable lessons with you from the Dream Team Clinic he attended with Dmitry Klokov and Ilya Ilyin.

The Dream Team Clinic was an amazing opportunity to learn from the absolute best in the World.

5. Squats and Deadlifts for CrossFit by Chad Wesley Smith

Chad discusses the unique demands of training these two lifts across broad domains of intensity and volume.

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