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Top 5 Bench Accessory Exercises


Top 5 Bench Accessory Exercises

For benching, I’ve always made sure to have a good amount of accessory exercises included in my training basically so that I can work on any weak points I think I need to work extra hard on to make my bench better.

1. Pec Flies-Either with dumbells or on a cable machine. I personally like the cable machine better for Pec Flie because I feel like I get a better stretch with them. For Pec Flies I will normally do 5 total sets, the first 2 sets I’ll do for 15 reps then the 3rd I’ll add weight and do it to failure. Then I will do 2 drop sets of 15 reps

2. Tricep Extensions-On a machine using different accessory pieces to attach to it and also switching by doing both arms at the same time together or one at a time individually. When I’m doing both arms together I’ll do the same as my sets of Pec Flies for the first 3 sets and I will follow that by doing reverse grip single arm extensions for 2 sets of 15 reps for 5 total sets on triceps

Eric uses his accessory training to not just build massive pressing strength, but also a physique to match

Eric uses his accessory training to not just build massive pressing strength, but also a physique to match

3. Lateral Shoulder Raises-Either with Dumbells or on a machine, I feel like those work my shoulders really well. I don’t like to go that heavy on these, I mainly just do them to work my shoulders extra and get a good pump in them. I will do 5 total sets of 15 reps each and add weight each set

4. Board Work-Usually with a 2 or 3 boards. These have helped out my bench a lot, especially my lock outs. After benching heavy to my chest with pauses, I will do 2 sets of board work after. The first set is to a 2 board anywhere from a single to a triple, and the 2nd set will be to a 3 board, normally for a double or triple.

5. Closegrip Bench-I’m a better narrow grip bencher (hands inside the rings) so the close grips really help out my normal grip bench. After my warm ups I usually like to do 3 sets of 3 reps adding weight each set or I’ll single up to a heavy single and do a drop set of max reps to failure.

Eric Lilliebridge had a top #3 raw total ranking in world in the 275 weight class at just 19 years old. He had successfully totaled 2,065lbs raw in belt and knee wraps and deadlifted 800lbs raw in competition at only 19 years old. Now being the age of 22, he is currently ranked #2 in the world in the 275’s with a 2,204lbs raw total w/ wraps. His best competition lifts up to date are an 881lbs raw squat w/ wraps (World Record at 275s), 529lbs raw bench and an 821lbs raw deadlift. He is currently chasing after the all time world record total in the 275’s held by Jon Cole with a 2,259lbs raw total w/ wraps.
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  • Ernie Lilliebridge JR

    Eric your my HERO! Some day i hope to be as strong as you and as big!

  • Mark Nibert

    Insane man, I watched some of your other videos as well. Crazy strong.

  • Renato

    Good info.