Starting Strongman: A Shift In Focus

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I apologize for being absent recently with my JTS logs.


My training has been down in the dumps since the Arnold due to injury, and my body just being a mess in general. Limping from contest to contest thinking I needed to do it NOW caught up with me.


I am happy to report I am no longer in pain, which is a huge step! In addition in injury, an increased focus on life has really halted my training at the moment. As some of you may know, last October I got fired from my full time job of 8 years for….. competing, I got invited to compete in China and it was either: 1) be paid more than I make in a month to go to another part of the world I would never experience otherwise for a week all expenses paid or 2) stay at a job I hate going nowhere.


Well the choice was pretty obvious, but it was scary. I had no savings or back-up plan, just the money I got from competing in China to tide me over. I’ve been talking for years about quitting my job and making a living doing what I am actually passionate about: getting more people into Strongman and growing the sport. Now was the time to sink or swim.


Starting Strongman was born and it is great! Like any start-up it is a labor of love and takes a lot of resources, time especially, but everytime I get a message saying someone just signed up to get their NAS card or they found a gym from the Strongman Gym Directory, it makes it all worthwhile! The Facebook group has over 4,400 members and there are 300+ gyms on the map now, so the first step of getting the community connected is happening and I would have never expected it to take off so quickly.