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The JuggLife: Foam Rolling-What Is It Good For?


The JuggLife: Foam Rolling-What Is It Good For?

How dare we question the all encompassing power of the holy roller of foam?! In this episode of The JuggLife, Chad and Max talk with Dr. Quinn Henoch of ClinicalAthlete.com to discuss the validity and best applications of mobility tools like foam rollers, lacrosse balls and band distraction within a well-designed training program:

Go learn more from Dr. Quinn at his upcoming events in:

Bremerton, WA on April 30th

Ft. Lauderdale, FL on May 7th

Reno, NV on May 21st

and announcing a new event, The Juggernaut Performance Summit with Dr. Quinn Henoch, Dr. Mike Israetel, Dr. James Hoffmann and Chad Wesley Smith in Arlington, TX on August 6-7th.

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