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Become Unstoppable Seminar 3


Become Unstoppable Seminar 3

Are you ready to take your training and coaching to a new level?

Do you want to learn from the best?

The Become Unstoppable Seminar 3 is coming and is going to be Juggernaut’s best event yet!

Become Unstoppable Seminars (BUS) are Juggernaut’s premier events for you to learn and improve as coaches and athletes in powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, nutrition, movement and programming.

For BUS3 we have brought together an unparalleled lineup of speakers and coaches to help you reach your goals.

Meet your speakers…

Brandon Lilly-The author of The Cube Method and 365STRONG: Own the Day, Brandon Lilly is an icon in strength today, not just for his strength (2237 pounds raw/ wraps) but also because of the inspiration and assistance he provides to lifters from beginner to elite across the world.

Chad Wesley Smith-Powerlifter, Strongman, Shot Putter, Coach and Author, as the founder of Juggernaut Training Systems, Chad has a lengthy and diverse resume. One of the strongest powerlifters of all-time (15th all-time at 2248 pounds raw w/ wraps), Chad’s mission is to educate coaches and athletes to be able to help them find the optimal way to progress and grow.

Alex Viada-Powerlifter and Ultra-Marathon Runner…what? Alex Viada is truly a different breed, he is a hybrid athlete, capable of amazing feats of strength (705 raw w/ wraps squat) and endurance (4:15 mile PR) at the same time. Alex understands how to push the body to levels not thought possible. Through his company, Complete Human Performance and his own seminars, Alex is helping educate athletes about how to pursue excellence in an array of physical qualities.

Ryan Brown and Dr. Quinn Henoch-The masterminds behind Darkside Strength, Dr. Quinn and Ryan understand how to moving, feeling and performing better. The root of their success in helping athlete’s performance is through the understanding that great athletic movement exists in a continuum of mobility to stability, not just about mobility/flexibility like some would lead you to think. Dr. Quinn and Ryan  will show you how to assess and correct movement though great foundational principles and drills.


Dr. Mike Israetel-A bodybuilder with his PhD in Sports Physiology, Dr. Mike, along with the rest of the crew at Renaissance Periodization, is helping athletes from a variety of disciplines improve their training and nutrition. Dr. Israetel will be lecturing on nutritional priorities and helping you lay the foundation for creating sound nutrition protocols to fuel performance and lose fat.

In addition to this awesome lineup of speakers, you’ll have to opportunity to receive hands-on coaching from Team Juggernaut athletes in a variety of disciplines. Coaches will include…

Blaine Sumner-IPF and USAPL Raw Champion with a 2150 Raw w/o Wraps Total and 400kg/882# squat

Colin Burns-2014 USAW Champion (94kg Class) with PRs of 167kg Snatch and 192kg Clean & Jerk.

Samantha Lower-2x American Open Champion and Silver Medalist in the Snatch at 2014 USAW Nationals.

Greg Panora-2000+ raw w/ wraps total in the 242 class, American Record Total in the 242 class (multiply)

Donovan Ford-2013 World Championship team member with PRs of 170/202kg and Olympic Training Center resident athlete.

Caitlyn Trout-World Record holder in the squat with 391 pounds raw w/ wraps in the 123 pound weight class.

Anthony Pomponio-One of the top 85kg class weightlifters in the US with PRs of 150/182kg.

Jamie Hagiya-NPGL athlete for the Phoenix Rise and 5th place finisher in the 2014 CrossFit SoCal Regionals.

Plus…Marisa Inda, Alyssa Ritchey, Dr. Reena Tenorio, Reid Worthington and more to be announced!


Become Unstoppable Seminar 3 is a one-of-a-kind combination of lecture and hands on coaching that will undoubtedly be a weekend long experience you won’t soon forget.

Check out what people are saying about Juggernaut events…

“The Become Unstoppable Seminar was well worth my time and money.  You can tell the team cares so much about their sport and have a true desire to help others improve by attention paid, time spent, ensuring all questions were answered, and making sure you left with a better understanding than when you came in. I would recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in powerlifting.  It was a game changer for me.”-Joanna Randazzo

“It was amazing getting to workout and get pointers from some of the best guys in the sport. With the tips they gave I was able to PR my squat by 30#, Bench by 10# and dead lift by a huge 50#! It was a very educational and energizing day!”-Jason Murawski

“I found this event to be invaluable and the small group setting was an ideal learning environment. Not only did they review the lifts for us and give us individual pointers but we could also learn from what they were coaching other lifters to do. I attended the clinic on a Sunday and was immediately able to incorporate the tips I learned on Monday. This was well worth the cost of admission”-James Grant 

Become Unstoppable Seminar 3 will without a doubt fill you with new knowledge and passion for your training and coaching so don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn and improve!

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What: Become Unstoppable Seminar 3

Where: CrossFit Tustin, 2682 Walnut Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 4-5th from 9am-4pm each day

How Much: Early Registration (until 11:59PM PST Sunday August 10th) $300, Regular Registration $350. Group Registration (3+ attendees registering together) is also available by emailing [email protected]

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Juggernaut Training Systems is a group of athletes and coaches dedicated to leading from the front and providing people with the highest quality information from true experts to help them achieve their goals.

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