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5 Steps for Healing Low Back Pain


5 Steps for Healing Low Back Pain

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to treating low back pain.  My experience with yoga, Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen and the Egoscue Method has helped me to develop a system for evaluating posture and movements. From here I am able to address mobility, stability and strength imbalances that could be the cause of their pain. [I am not physical therapist and will advise my clients to seek professional medical advice when there is an issue that is out of my scope.]


Before I share my tips, I want to quickly talk about body awareness.

Close your eyes and walk in place for 15 seconds.

Are you still facing forward?

Look down at your feet. Is one foot toed out or set forward?

Allow your arms to hang by your sides. What do you notice?

Now stand in front of a mirror.

Assume a single leg stance on your right leg. What does your knee do?

Try your left leg. What does your hip do?


The point of these drills is to bring to your attention what is going on at your hips.  Far too often your body is giving you signs but you don’t stop to listen until AFTER an injury forces you to.   Here are 3 common hip deviations that occur within the population who has an affinity for heavy deads and squats!

1. Perform Self-Myofascial Release

of the Psoas…


Check in…what do you feel?

2.Perform a Quad Release


More advanced:

3. Followed By a Hamstring Release

Extremely tight hamstrings:

Tight hamstrings:

4.Gain Stability by Neutralizing Your Pelvis

For a highly anterior pelvis-

For a posteriorly tilted pelvis-

5. Perform Basic Total Body Exercises

To see that the glutes and core are tying everything together.

All levels: banded bodyweight squat or plank hold.


The more you know about your body the more you will be able to keep it injury free!

Use intuitive training…choose your lifts for the day wisely.  Train heaviest when you feel your best. Let’s make longevity the goal NOW!

Stacey Schaedler runs her own personal training business within the largest yoga studio in Boston.  Stacey is an ACSM CPT, RKC as well as RYT through the National Yoga Alliance.  Her focus is strength training with a strong emphasis on postural integrity and alignment. This, paired with solid nutritional education for her clients creates the foundation for their success.  Not only do her clients learn to move properly, gain strength and eliminate pain, they learn to start listening to their bodies. As a result of her diverse fitness experience as a collegiate athlete, avid yogi and former professional figure competitor, Stacey is a wealth of knowledge for those looking to attain their ultimate fitness and nutrition goals.
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