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The JuggLife-Training on PEDs: What Really Changes?


The JuggLife-Training on PEDs: What Really Changes?

The Olympics are here and the discussion of Performance Enhancing Drugs roars louder than ever. What do Performance Enhancing Drugs really do and how do they affect an athlete’s training? In this episode of The JuggLife Podcast, Chad and Max talk with Dr. Mike Israetel about the implications of training while using PEDs:

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One Response to “The JuggLife-Training on PEDs: What Really Changes?”

August 24, 2016 at 3:30 pm, Deuger Plan said:

Informative podcast about an interesting topic. I now understand how many overly simplistic programs do work for people who are on gear. The sad part is some of these programs are passed around the internet to young, drug free lifters who are let down when their progression stops when it definitely wouldn’t with smart programming.


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