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Top 10 Must Reads: #10 to #6


Top 10 Must Reads: #10 to #6

With nearly 1000 articles available at JTSstrength.com it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Well here are in our opinion and no particular order are some of our best to know just give you a potential quick fix to a problem but to help you gain a deeper understanding of training, movement and nutrition to equip you for a more productive competitive and coaching career.


#10-Complete Guide to Putting Your PRs on the Platform by Chad Wesley Smith

If your goal is competitive powerlifting, then your goal needs to be to put your best lifts on the platform where they count. Nobody does this better than Chad Wesley Smith and in this article he shares with you some keys to helping achieve this better for your own training.

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#9-The Laws of Optimizing Body Composition by Dr. Mike Israetel

What are the most important factors in dieting for physique and performance? Are you putting your emphasis on the right things or majoring in the minors?

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#8-5 Things That Are Holding Your Squat Back by Chad Wesley Smith

Are you making one of these cardinal sins in the squat and not progressing like you could because of it?

Related: Shoulder Mobility for the Squat by Dr. Quinn Henoch, Creating A Strength Block by Chad Wesley Smith, 10 Steps to Great Squatting Technique by Chad Wesley Smith, The Myth of Perfect Form by Greg Nuckols


 #7-CrossFit: A Sport of Specificity by Chad Wesley Smith

Specificity and CrossFit are rarely used in the same sentence unless it also includes a phrase ‘a lack of’ but if you want to excel as a fitness competitor, you need to practice your sport which is often a multi-domain mash-up of skills and energy systems.

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#6-Mobility Gone Wrong by Dr. Quinn Henoch

Are you mashing, rolling and band distracting all your limbs and joints before training but not seeing improvements in your movement? Then this one is for you.

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Stay Tuned for Articles #5 through #1, coming soon!

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