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Top 10 Must Reads: #5 to #1


Top 10 Must Reads: #5 to #1

With nearly 1000 articles available at JTSstrength.com it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Well here are in our opinion and no particular order are some of our best to know just give you a potential quick fix to a problem but to help you gain a deeper understanding of training, movement and nutrition to equip you for a more productive competitive and coaching career.

If you haven’t seen #10-#6 yet, check it out now. 


#5-Fatigue Indicators and How to Use Them by Dr. Mike Israetel and Dr. James Hoffmann

Dr. Mike Israetel and Dr. James Hoffmann break down several key factors in assessing fatigue levels and which factors are the most important for you to understand as they relate to your training.

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#4-Snowflake Training by Chad Wesley Smith

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding training is that training for different ability levels, genders, sizes, etc should vary by type when it actually needs to vary by degree. Chad Wesley Smith discusses what factors need to be assessed in adjusting training and how to best apply those adjustments.

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#3-Everything You Need to Know About Recovering by Dr. Mike Israetel

Your training is only as effective as your ability to recover from it. Dr. Mike Israetel discusses important recovery factors in-depth in this excellent article.

Related: [Strong360] Overview of Recovery by Dr. Mike Israetel and Dr. James Hoffmann, Smart Training is Hard Training: The Principle of Overload by Chad Wesley Smith


#2-The Best Damn Squat Mobility Article, Period by Dr. Quinn Henoch

Dr. Quinn Henoch has contributed so much knowledge to the Juggernaut and Clinical Athlete communities through helping people better understand the continuum of stability to mobility for improved movement and in this juggernaut of an article he details assessment and corrective protocols for the ankles, knees, hips and lumbar to improve performance and health in squatting patterns.

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#1-Periodization for Powerlifting: The Definitive Guide by Greg Nuckols and Dr. Mike Israetel

Dr. Mike Israetel and Greg Nuckols are two of the brightest and most respected minds in strength and research, so you know when they combine for an article it is going to be great.

Related: Scientific Principles of Strength Training by Dr. Mike Israetel, Dr. James Hoffmann and Chad Wesley Smith, No-Nonsense Periodization for Powerlifting by Dr. Mike Israetel, [Strong360] Properly Phasing Training by Chad Wesley Smith

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